Natasha Frater: London Artist Takes New York By Storm

by Tuesday, May 12, 2020

“I feel like I haven’t even peaked yet…there’s so much more to do!,” said London-born artist Natasha Frater.

Chatting away excitedly about her plans for 2020 and beyond from her New York city apartment, the 27-year-old recounted how successful the past three years have been since she packed her bags, moved thousands of miles away from Britain to ‘the Centre of the World’.

While taking a bite out of the Big Apple has been fruitful to say the least, the artist is just as passionate about giving back to others.

“In the latter part of these three years in particular, lots of doors have opened for me which has culminated in securing more consistent work with bigger artists and organisations – I’ve been able to engage in more meaningful work,” said Natasha.

In between dance performances, acting assignments and modelling shoots, Natasha works as a Programs Artist at Mark Morris Dance Company where she supports an ageing community, who live with Parkinson’s Disease, through delivering dance classes.

Natasha spoke passionately about the program at Mark Morris during an interview with local news platform New 12 Bronx in February.

“I’m at a point in my career where I’m really fortunate to split my time between engaging in performance work and using my creative skills to give back to others,” Natasha explained.

“Unfortunately there’s no known cause or cure for Parkinson’s disease but there’s scientific evidence that suggests that dance actually helps to slow down the progression of the disease.”

As global authorities battle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Natasha works tirelessly, alongside dedicated colleagues at this organisation, to support these service users who are particularly vulnerable at this time due to this underlying health condition. 

For example, Mark Morris has suspended all of its in-person programming and committed to providing an extensive program of online dance classes every day of the week instead.

This in turn has ensured that the community has been able to stay connected and enjoy the health benefits of dance from the safety of their own homes.

“We are constantly having people tell us how the programme is like a lifeline for them, how it gives them something to look forward to, how it helps to minimise the effects of the disease – so I feel incredibly humbled, blessed and fortunate that I can give back in this way and be aligned with this company,” the artist added.

“I see the work I do here as one of my biggest accomplishments; it’s an honour.”

Of course, dancing has long been woven into the fabric of Natasha’s being. She began training at the age of four in a range of styles including Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, African, Contemporary and Ballet dance.

“Participating in New York Fashion Week was a complete and utter dream come true for me! 

At the age of sixteen, Natasha joined the BRIT School for Performing Arts, where several artists including Adele, Marsha Ambrosius, Jessie J and Amy Winehouse trained before they later went on to achieve great success. She was awarded a Gold Jazz Award at the institution.

The very next year, she collaborated with fellow BRIT school alumnus Ashley Thomas who enjoyed a starring role in the TV series 24: Legacy alongside notable choreographer and director Jonzi D.

“Performing is such an invigorating experience and nothing compares to it,” Natasha gushed with a twinkle in her eye. 

“The feeling of being onstage under these bright lights, in front of a live audience – feeding off of their energy, is so exhilarating. It’s a lot of fun to take on a whole new character just for that moment.”

“Dancing is one of the things in life that makes complete sense to me on a spiritual as well as physical level, and it comes so naturally,” she added.

“I’ll do it every day at random points – from cleaning to washing dishes; even when I’m not doing a job that requires me to dance, I find that I’m motivated to engage in movement.

“It makes my heart sing.”

After spending a university semester at Columbia College Chicago in 2015, Natasha fell in love with America.

She describes this time as a moment of awakening; at the time Natasha, like many other students, was considering her future career prospects.

Though pursuing an artistic career was her dream, Natasha previously felt that it was a lofty aspiration. Could she do it?

“I left Chicago feeling refreshed and revitalised. My commitment to dance, my passion to be successful at it ignited a fire in my belly that has rages until this very day. Ever since then…I’ve just taken on a new lease of life.”

The following year she moved to New York City to further her training on the Seminar Program at the International Dance School Peridance Capezio Center. 

Her professional work includes performing as a lead dancer and actor at renowned venues such as SummerStage, Dixon Place and at the New York Philharmonic.

An article in The Voice newspaper, one of Britain’s longest-running publications, wrote the following about Natasha in a 2017 profile: “With chutzpah, not unlike that of one of her muses Misty Copeland. One may dare say that Natasha uprooting her UK life to seek prospects overseas is, in a way, an encompassment of the American Dream itself.”

During her time in New York, Natasha has featured in commercial and editorial modelling shoots with a roster of top brands at Condé Nast – a global media company that produces some of the world’s leading print, digital, video and social branding content, through platforms such as Vogue, Allure Magazine and Vanity Fair. Each month their video content generates more than 1 billion views.

“I see the work I do here as one of my biggest accomplishments; it’s an honour.”

To date, Natasha has performed as a lead model in ten videos with Glamour Magazine and Allure Magazine. 

The dancer and model is hot off the heels of taking centre stage during New York Fashion Week, where she worked with renowned designer Marc Jacobs.

“Participating in New York Fashion Week was a complete and utter dream come true for me! 

“I’m blessed to have ticked quite a few things off of my bucket list over these past three years alone and featuring on such a monumental platform has, for a while, been a goal of mine. Marc Jacobs is amazing,” she said.

Natasha is now embracing her future of limitless possibilities

“I feel like time has flown by since I first moved here! It almost feels like no time has passed at all really,” she said.

“And I am just getting started; I haven’t even scratched the surface of everything I can achieve. I’m ready!” 

To visit Natasha’s website, click here.





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